Below is Information regarding making payment for Membership Dues, Conference Fee, or other TMF related services. 

1. ATM Transfer

  • Bank code: 700 (If transferring from an Oversea Bank, please use this Bank Code: 7000021)

  • Account Name: 0021550-0210384 (Please note that this is the only number for the ATM Transfer. DO NOT use 21517317 for the ATM Transfer) 

  • Please send us the Transfer Date and Bank Name so we can track your payment.


2. Postal Giro Account Transfer

  • Account Name: Taiwan Missionary Fellowship (社團法人台灣省基督教傳教士協會)

  • Account Number: 21517317 (Please be sure to include your English name.) 

  • Though both account 21517317 and 22191961 Giro accounts of TMF and CCG. Use account 21517317 instead of 22191961.

3. Paying by Check (NTD Check Only)

Checks may be sent to the following mailing address: P.O. Box 55-123,  Taichung 40454.


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