Sorry for the late registration form this year. There were a few delays due to the coronavirus. I'm glad to say that many people on island have volunteered to help this year, so we have a great adult and kids program planned.

An announcement regarding the housing is that there are only 16 rooms available on Morrison campus this summer. So if you know anyone in the area that you could stay with that would help free up some space for the families that don't. 

I'm attaching some information regarding the kids program and a draft of the program schedule (there will still be some changes). 

Also if you are willing to help out please send me an email, we still have some areas that need help.
CLICK HERE to download Draft 2020 TMF Conference Schedule
CLICK HERE to download the Kids Program introduction 
You can register online or download registration documents from the link below:

Looking forward to seeing everyone this July!

Nelson Buchanan 




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