All of us have experienced suffering in our lives and we work with Taiwanese who have also experienced suffering. Why is it that God allows us to undergo suffering? What does it accomplish? How can we respond to it in a godly way? How we as Christians interact with suffering is critical to our spiritual formation and ultimately our relationship with God. The speaker Chris Lang and his wife Marie, lost their first son eight years ago and it was with great difficulty that they worked through that terrible trial. Yet as they’ve persevered through it they have seen God with new eyes and experienced Him in new ways. Chris would love to share some of what he has learned about responding to our God as He leads us through some very dark places.

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This years’ children’s program is The Incredible Race (based on the new Disney Cars movie). In The Incredible Race, the children will be learning about Bible characters who have overcome obstacles in the race of life. Friday night the children will present a bit of what they have learned. A group of keen college students with OMF will take care of the children and youth. Preschool to grade five will study Bible pacesetters like Moses, David, Daniel, Naaman’s servant girl, Jesus, Onesimus and others. In the evening, the youth will enjoy messages from Doug Taylor, an MCA teacher.



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