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THE MRC – Framework & Location

The Mission Resource Center (MRC) has begun operations.

MRC will become a treasure trove of past and present information about mission work in Taiwan, helping us learn from the past and aiding us in making better decisions for tomorrow. However, we need every TMF member’s help to realize this goal.

Already Donated Books for the TMF Missions Resource Center by Oct 06

Available at the Taichung Morrison Academy Library

Access Requirements: valid TMF membership card
Local contact person: Morrison librarian (Gabi Lautenbach)

For more donations and good ideas to improve service / book offers: Alain Haudenschild This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Dickson, Lillian. These My People
  2. Dickson Lillian. Loving The Lepers
  3. Harrington, Fern. Captive Community – Life in a Japanese Internment Camp 1941-1945
  4. Dickson, Marilyn. Chuckles Behind The Door – Lillian Dicksons Personal Letters
  5. Dickson, James. Angel At Her Shoulder Lillian Dickson and Her Taiwan Mission
  6. Culpepper, Donal. To Tell The Truth
  7. Bertha, Smith. Go Home and Tell
  8. Hunker, W. Carl. Taiwan: Unfinished Revolution
  9. McGill, Grace. The Path of Life – Memoirs of Clare and Grace McGill
  10. Haudenschild, Alain R. Schritte zur biblischen Kontextualisierung des Evangeliums in der Missionsarbeit unter den Hakka Taiwans – Steps Toward a Biblical Contextualization of the Gospel among the Hakka Taiwans
  11. Kramer, An Introduction to Taiwanese Folk Religions
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