The Annual Business Meeting shall be arranged and prepared for all members of TMF at its annual conference.




This Committee shall be responsible for carrying on the business of TMF between the annual business meetings. It shall give support to the Conference Chairman in planning the Annual Conference when needed and in carrying out other functions of TMF. They shall serve as the Board of Directors.



The Field Leaders Committee shall be made up of the Leader of each of the missionary groups. (they must be a TMF voting member) They shall also choose three members to represent them as the Supervisory Board.








1. The regular business meeting of this Fellowship shall be held each year at the time and place of its Annual Conference.


2. If deemed necessary by the AdministrativeCommittee or the Field Leaders Committee, special meetings may be called by the Chairman.

3. Each chairman shall call at least two committee meetings each year.






1. The Officers of this Fellowship shall be an Administrative Chairman, anAdministrative Vice Chairman, a Conference Chairman, a Conference ViceChairman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, all of whom must be voting members. During the Fellowship's annual business meeting each year, a Conference Chairman Designate shall be elected to serve a term of two years, the first year as ConferenceVice Chairman, and the second year as ConferenceChairman. The Administrative Chairman, theSecretary and the Administrative Vice-Chairman,Treasurer shall be elected in alternate years, each for a term of two years. The elected Officers shall serve as members of the Administrative Committee.

The Field Leaders Committee shall choose their own convener and secretary from within their Committee.



2.All Officers of the Taiwan Missionary Fellowship shall serve until the close of the conference of the year in which their terms shall expire. Newly elected officers begin their term of service after the close of the conference in which they were elected.





The AdministrativeCommittee, and the Field Leaders Committee may appoint other committees to carry out specific projects of the Fellowship.


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